The odds of filling out a perfect bracket are a staggering 1 in 9.2 quintillion?!
But we know that won't stop you from trying.

We put together some of our best tips to help you pick a winning streak during the first few days of March Madness.  These tips will also help you win a traditional bracket contest.  Two sets of tips in one download.  For free.  You're welcome.


  10 Tips for Making a Winning Bracket


Bracket Contest

LastBracketStanding is not your average bracket contest. We want you to predict the NCAA basketball tourney's first weekend results.  A winning streak!  We think you can do it using statistics, looking at historical seeding and trends over the years.  

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About You

Sports nuts and stats wonks welcome!  We believe the average college statistics student, even without knowing who's playing, can do a better job picking early round winners than all the sports networks 'expert' panels of carnival barkers.

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Bracket Blog

In the Bracket Blog, you will find articles on everything from statistics, brackets, our opinions of ESPN bracket advice, and much more.  We will keep you up to date on the contest and make prize announcements here as well. You'll find everything your little bracket heart desires right here.

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It's nearly impossible to win a perfect bracket contest.

 Yet, that doesn't keep basketball fans from trying every year.  Let's just be honest with ourselves, no one is ever going to win a bracket contest with a perfect bracket.  Not ever.  

NCAA College Basketball Bracket Contest
  • Has anyone ever picked a perfect bracket? No. They haven't.
  • Wil anyone ever win a billion dollars from picking a perfect bracket? We wish, but still... no.
  • Are 1 in 9.2 quintillion impossible odds?!  YES. Why do you torture yourself?


    LastBracketStanding had two winners last year.  Boom. 

Picking a winning streak bracket can be done!

The longest sustained perfect bracket for 2015 was 32 games. It was busted on the 2nd day of games!  Can you do better?

LastBracketStanding is quick and exciting
  • Could the average fan pick several winning games in a row in the opening weekend? Of course.
  • Would a statistics student do better at picking a hot streak than ESPN bracket expert? Yep.
  • Are historical seeding, trends over the years, and your guts all you need to pick a hot streak? Oh heck yes. 
Bracket NCAA Basketball Bracket Contest
LastBracketStanding is a winnable contest that takes place during the most exciting, opening days of March Madness.





I wish I was at work instead of watching basketball.



Build your winning streak bracket here:

Enter Bracket Contest

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